Monday, February 28, 2011

Job Description

After a long weekend, Jason and I had a fun day planned. The kids were all well taken care of and we were going to spend the day at the Biltmore Estate together. The weekend was so busy I hadn't spent a lot of time looking forward to it, but when this morning rolled around I was tickled to be getting away with the one I love best.

On our way to dropping off the little ones with friends, we turned a corner, and Story turned her stomach. And big brother, being a sympathetic one, he joined her in relieving himself of his breakfast. Jason and I looked at each other, smiled and turned the car around. Some things just don't need to be talked about. We know our job and we love it.

Home now, it seems we had a case of too much dairy for breakfast paired with a long car trip dropping off siblings at school spelled disaster for my carsick prone babies. But you know what, this is the day I prefer. This is my job.. And what a great job it is!

I'm blessed to be the:

best lap in the house
one who knows just where to put a kiss
cleaner of vomit
the buyer of treats for the sick
the reader of books
the one who will believe your made up hurt so you can sport a cool new band-aid
turn the music loud for a dance party
let you stick your arm down my shirt (you know who you are little baby girl)
know when your heart is hurting and encourage your tears
wash your clothes
wash your face
who daily demonstrates and shows you how much I love your daddy
cook your favorite meal
who will apologize when I'm struggling with kindness
who will confront you lovingly when your are struggling with kindness
will join you in prayer for a farm
sweep under your chair and wonder if any made it in your mouth
I'm the one the Lord chose to be a steward of your heart, to point you to Him, to show you tangible acts of His love, to read you His instruction, to be with you when you want me, and to be with you when you don't want me. I get to be the constant presence in your lives little ones until the Lord decides otherwise.
IT IS THE VERY BEST JOB IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!! There is no amount of money that could be offered to me to cause me to want to be anything else!!

Joy, I have decided to find you today. To find you everyday. The more I look the easier it is to find you. And where I find you in the nooks and cranies of my day, behind it, I find my heart thankful. Unbelieveably thankful... Grumpy, you are not welcome. Sorry, I'm just not going to feed you lunch today.


Anonymous said...

Kara, I have loved reading your blog. Thank you for posts like these! They feed my soul.


Mother of Many said...

Thank you so much for visiting!

A place to find encouragement to love your little ones, your husbands and those you come in contact with daily. Two does not have to be terrible. These are years to grow not simply get through!