Monday, February 21, 2011

This Blessed Day

There is joy in today, and I have decided to look for it.
Joy in a lunch with a friend who shares a love of Indian food and Jesus
Joy when my first born woke up and leaned over to give me a kiss without being asked
Joy taking the shirt off my baby and seeing her little arms rise up to help me
Joy in a bathtub full of my babies, that is dirty with the fun of their day
Joy in watching a little naked cutie toot running to a bath with her sister
Joy driving down the road, looking back and seeing my son looking through binoculars
Joy stopping the car and the kids asking to stay, to finish the praise song we were singing
Joy when my daughter says, "Mom thanks for the ice cream treat, this was really fun."
Joy in really having fun in the moment
May I live in the love that is mine today!
Joy that is ours in the midst of struggle as Christ abides in our mundane moments of today.
Added pictures from two years ago, to remind me how time is constant; I want my time to be spent in the presence of Christ, seeking the grace for each and every moment.

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