Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed in...Well kind of..

Here in the South the prediction of snow means a run on the grocery store and no school. Seriously, there is no snow so long as a lone snow man is still standing. It was a real adjustment for us moving here from Colorado, but almost seven years later, we are local. We have huddled down, slowed down, and started our snowed in tradition of eating constantly.

Jason is the play outside with the kids man, I'm the stay inside and cook kind. We are a perfect fit. I play enough to make a memory, and quietly return to the warmth of the house. Oh, how I once spent hours in the snow. Now, I'm on baby duty and perfectly content with the task of loving my chubby cheeked wonder. Story has a bit of a cold, so she won't be put in the snow for a photo opportunity any time soon.

Snow brings out my inner red neck. That and the fourth of July. We are currently eating snack food, watching too much bad television and dressing...well, I won't even tell you how we are dressed. Jason wants to make fancy muffins, and all I want is chips and beer.

I did get into a cleaning frenzy that I wish would have lasted longer. But I became distracted with making snow ice cream. On that front, I was way too ambitious and don't know what to do with all the excess.

Ella would stay in the snow forever, Harp is too girlie for the cold, and Lake just plain wears out. They are loving childhood, and I am loving watching them! I'm stocked with hot chocolate and I'm in charge of drying the wet clothes so they will be ready for the next adventure. Pictures to come.....maybe.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Merry Christmas

Where oh where have I been. Well life with a house full of kids is such joy, such chaos, such a blast...I just don't see the time to write in it. By the time my day is done, I'm brain tired. I like to save my extra energy for my guy. Watching Julie and Julia last night I remembered just how much I do love to write. I have missed coming here to write, if only for a record of events for myself.

Having a sweet baby girl is such a joy. Story is a chunky, joyful, happy baby. She is, to me, a reminder of all my babies. Smiles and ears like Ella, in a hurry like Lake, and all girl like Harper. Really, who knows if she's our last, but she feels like it. I'm fully enjoying her, but I can say I enjoyed each of my babies. They all came just when the Lord knew we were ready.

I'm not much for the hustle and bustle of the season. I have done most of my shopping at Big Lots, and have one more Target stop. My kids don't make requests, they never really have. One year Ella asked for a burp cloth for her baby doll. They did go through an American Girl Doll phase that was a bit costly, but grandparents chipped in. We've just always had fun....regardless of the glut of stuff.

Jason has only one more semester left of seminary. We are pretty sure what our plans are, but nothing is final. I'm so very proud of my guy. Love, love, love him.

Well, who knows if I'll be back.... I hope so.
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