Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Night Before Christmas

The morning before Christmas and all through the house not a single person was dressed
and had no desire to go out.
We stayed up very late and had lots of fun,
and now we feel tired and funky and I can motivate no one.
I'm avoiding a diaper and thinking I should bake
but jammies and cartoons are just looking so great.
I should be encouraging worship and thoughts of above
but all I can do is serf on these blogs.
My coffee has gone cold and I don't think I've eaten
But who really wants a egg that is beaten?
So, I'll jitter from my caffeine buzz and continue to be lazy
Because, hey, does it matter? My kids aren't going crazy.....yet anyway.

God bless you! Enjoy your family....dressed or not.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pictures....still figuring this out.

I could not get all the pictures in one post. I couldn't leave out the dragon bottom. Too cute.
I also needed to add our Christmas pageant. We are a secure family. As our church is currently lacking young men to play the roles in our program, Ella was a wise man and Harper was Jesus. It was a lovely performance. At one point Harper caught my eye and pointed at me and and waved super big. I was so proud. To my surprise, she is a rather adept winker as well. She used the performance for practice. Ella stated her lines loud and proud.
Enjoy the pictures. It will probably be another six months before any new ones surface. (hopefully not). One last thing. You'll notice a table of people sitting around my dining room table. These are people who are closer to us than family. They have adopted us and taken seriously their covenant vows to helping us raise our children. We are rich because of those who sit round our table and spend hours praying for our children and loving them in meaningful ways. They are at every major event in the lives of my children. For their love and friendship, we are immensely wealthy.

Update and Ladies Who Pee LOTS!

Okay, so I've found a new blog to enjoy. Over at a great give away is taking place. But in order to enter one must leave a beauty tip. If you know me at all, you know I'm not much concerned with beauty. I brush my hair, oh, twice a week maybe. Well, anyhow, I read through the tips, and those ladies must pee a lot. Everybody has the drink water and be beautiful idea. And, sleep. Hmm, I must be beautiful. I drink tons, and who doesn't love sleep. Newborns. Ugh. Coming soon, sleep again for Kara. Okay, so there's my plug. If you pee and sleep, head over to and enter the conversation. You will see my very Jesus happy statement that says who needs the outside when Jesus makes me pretty. Very pastor's wife, ey. I'm working on it. Not really.

Okay, so I did my six month download of pictures. So I'll totally bore you with pictures of my sweet faces. This fall Harper turned four (I loved her 3), but 4 has been a blast too. Lake turned, so, so sweet. BTW, the speech therapist gave us a gold star this week. He's doing great. Really coming along. And we went to a random fair where the girls had their faces painted and Halloween. Ella was Mary Ingalls; Harper was a (let me get this straight) a princess-flower-barbie....her own invention from dress-up, and could you just eat my little dragon. I kept taking pictures of his cute behind with a tail. So here you go. A new picture of the kids.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hanging in....

Okay, I couldn't let that last post stay my top post for too much longer. I'm feeling much better and the kids are on the mend. We've much to be thankful for even in our time of stress. The kids are currently playing sweetly together and Lake is absolutely fascinated with the Christmas tree. It's a fun time of year.

Something about this time of year causes me to feel extremely inadequate as a super mom. I look at all the amazing things you all are doing with your families and I feel very simple in my Christmas practices. I woke up this morning and asked Jason what I was supposed to do today with the kids? He didn't understand the question.

Nonetheless, my spritz cookies were a bomb yesterday....except for Lake eating all the batter every time I turned my head. It wasn't even that good. They wouldn't go through the tube, and I just cut them off and made a sort of short bread out of them. It's just okay. So today, before we go to speech therapy with Lake I'm going to go to the craft store to get some scrapbook paper to make some decorative cones. Who knows, maybe attempt two may be a success.

Well, sweet reader. My heart is much lighter. We are healthy and enjoying one another. Thank you for your love and concern. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is Kara?

I have totally neglected this site. Truthfully, I think I will for a time. My heart just isn't in it lately. I love to write, I love the blog world, but I'm just totally too empty too write lately. I'll explain, try not to complain, and wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Thanksgiving was difficult. My family in Indiana celebrated what probably will be my grandmothers last Thanksgiving. Something she and mom and I always worked hard on together. I knew we wouldn't go because Jason had no vacation remaining, but the sting of missing the time was deeply felt.

We had planned to lessen missing home with the arrival of Angela and Dana and the five kids. The joy this family brings us is limitless. We love and enjoy much chaos together on the holidays. I stocked the cupboards and was eager to enjoy the twins, the big kids andcook grandmas best recipes. That plan didn't happen when everyone except me came down with walking pneumonia. After we went to the doctor, Lake had a seizure in the car. I'm sure it may be common, but, for me, it was terrifying. I can still hardly talk about it without tears. If you have ever held a child who is not breathing you will understand. He is better now, but we couldn't risk the Weaver family getting the same illness with two little babies in the mix.

So, alone, I cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal, and everyone except me was too ill to even eat. Sickness and all I had so much to be thankful for with Lake home from the hospital and everyone slowly getting better....It was just a hard holiday.

My parents emptied my grandparents farm over Thanksgiving to make space for renters. My favorite place on earth is no longer what it once was. It lives in my mind, but knowing it isn't there anymore is difficult for my sentimental heart. My grandma (my hero) is failing. And though she is more than ready to go home to Jesus, I don't want her to go. My dad brought me special things from their house that I'm having a hard time living with.

So, dear reader, my heart is just too heavy these days to be much of a cheerful holiday writer. I'll leave it to the experts and do my best to not be grumpy through my sadness. I'll be back after Christmas.
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