Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Safe in His arms sweet Simi...

Here is a hard story to read, and yet I know my God is in control. This sweet family is now in my constant prayers. I cannot imagine the reality they face this side of heaven absent from their sweet daughter, but in glory, what a reunion they will have. My heart grieves the loss of this child, and my prayers are with you.

Some Final Words on the life and death of ‘Simi’ Goodwin

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainy Day Thoughts

Rainy days make me contemplative and sad, but this rainy day was without thunder. I told the kids to stay outside and enjoy the silly wonder of play with rain. I sat and watched each of my children.

Some played with abandon, some with reserve and uncertainty, but the wonder of a child is intoxicating. I enjoy watching the unique qualities of my children. I see how some of my children enjoy more freedom to be truly free.

It makes my heart wonder what I can do to nurture in them more freedom to be free... It is why Jesus came... For freedom, He came to set me free. To set my children free. What do I do to quench that freedom? What do you do to steal true joy? It's worth some contemplating this rainy day!

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's alright with me...

I have come to terms with the fact that I'm just not that cool. I don't fight for coolness, and I am growing comfortable in my middle-ish state of life. I am free to be a little bit goofy and behind the times. I don't know what the newest music is, the next trends in food don't impress me much. I like food best that doesn't cause me to throw up nowadays!

In high school, I was a vegetarian... Not so much for the rights of animals... Though I probably said that was the reason, truly, I thought it upped my coolness. I kept on that track for nearly seven years. I lacked any type of mammal in my diet for my cool value. Now I'm considering becoming a vegan... Not to be cool... because my gallbladder doesn't really work. How old lady is that. So, no... I'm not a bit cool in my possible quest to have a faceless diet, I'm getting old and grizzled. I remember my cool days, and I really don't miss them much.

Mammals, you are safe around me, well maybe, I'm on the fence if I can actually do this. I learned a few things this past week at assessment (the place where your life is laid bare before totally strangers, who decide the possibilities of your future), it's okay to be who I was created to be. The challenge to begin to divorce myself from the outward things that define me, and to simply live the gospel in the created being that is Kara. Not a simple challenge.

So, I don't know what's cool in music, I pick my shoes for comfort, I don't really know what a libertarian is, and I may just pick a junk book to pass my time, but today, I get to live in the great Covenant with my children. The joy of faithfulness I can seek in this day is endless. I want to live in the reality of where Jesus has me. I get to embrace the freedom of repentance and living near to Jesus.

The greatest challenge I face in my reality is not fretting about what the future holds. New exciting doors may be opening, and I don't need to be anxious! Living in the trust that a loving God holds my days, my moments, my future, and not fretting over tomorrow. I know I won't be cool in that future place, but I know I will be lovingly kept in His hand. Praise be!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Best Birthday!

When you have a big family, every day feels like a party.

When you are married to your best friend, every night feels like a sleep over.

When you grow older, you cease to care about cool and value what is real.

When you have a full heart, you see the blessings in the moments that truly matter, the people next to you... Your nearest neighbor.

Things of this world pass away moment by moment, but the things of God are here, eternal and forever.

Love spent today on kindness matter....

Gift, today is a gift.... As was yesterday, that just so happened to be my birthday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truck drivers and blessings!

I have the great honor of being alive today. The privledge of breath and life. I get to snuggle my children and point them to Jesus.. It is my blessing to wash clothes from a trip and spend some money at the grocery store. I get to gently correct my children and read them books. My blessings never end.

I have a baby who wants to wear a swimming suit and a son that refuses to wear a shirt. Lake has the privledge of exploring our back yard. Our girls have already completed a craft and are onto dressing up and playing house.

My husband headed happily, though a little tired, off to work. Tonight a dear friend will be coming to stay the night with us. Every moment is a gift, every person we encounter a joy. Today, I want to spend it all.

You see yesterday I was driving along a fast highway at a high speed when suddenly a person in front of me decided to turn left off the highway, not the usual waiting a mile to exit to the right. Her sudden stop on the highway left the rest of us with no place go. I heard Jason make a tense sound looking in the rear mirror as the semi, heavy laden with steal beams behind us, also had no place to go. He was coming quickly to the place my four precious children were sleeping soundly in their seats.

I quickly drove forward into the median, only to watch as the trucker expertly avoided my car by inches. Jason looked at me, told me I did well and encouraged me forward to the nearest stop. The lady who caused our near miss went on without thought that her poor driving could have cost the life of an entire family.

I pulled over, almost threw up, and Jason took over driving. It was nearly fifty miles before I stopped shaking. I looked back at my children, still sleeping soundly, and immediately thanked the Lord for His protection. I know if we had been in that wreck His grace would have been sufficient. I know He is good ALL THE TIME! I get to serve Him one more day. I get to be His daughter today, tomorrow and forever.

And to you dearest truck driver. Thank you for expertly doing your job well. Thank you for your quick reaction. You will forever have my prayers for safety! Thank you.

Thank you for another day with my tall, tender daughter; my tiny, sweet daughter; my shirtless, loving son, and my screaming, snuggly baby. Thank you for the gift of another day married to my best friend. But mostly, thank you for another day to worship Your goodness even through the joy and pain of living in this world. I can't wait for the day I meet you in glory. It was not part of your plan to take us home yesterday. I pray I live well today. I want to enjoy You today.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story Jane

Last night I enjoyed watching fireworks with my sweet baby in my lap. She nearly fell asleep. When they were over she turned to me and said, "amen."

That's right little girl, "amen."

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Best Babysitter

We have been beyond blessed to have amazing babysitters. They have each become a special part of our family. Laura, Mary, Erika, we love you! Thank you for loving my children well and walking with Jesus in front of my children. This song goes out to you all!

Friday Love.. A week in photos

 Our week in review... Week in pictures. Had an amazing moment with this one after a struggle. We jumped in my bed, pulled out the Bible and discussed how it applied to the struggle. One of those rare moments of grace where there is not only connection to one another, but also to the word.

I was not a bit surprised to find that my son and I share a love of fire on our camping trip. We loved building the fire, collecting wood, and watching wet wood dry out. Every moment of every day... "Can we make fire now?" Is there anything better camping than fire?

It doesn't matter how old, long or cool they are. When our children wake up, each one finds a lap to wake out of slumber... It's simply the best..

Little bit playing school with her big sisters. I think they will have her reading on her own in no time.

 Jason and I both reverted to our backpacking days when we went camping. We wore the same outfit all weekend long. So this is the handsome man I was with for two days!
Harper LOVES a silly picture. She prefers a silly picture. Often when I'm looking for a good family picture I see her silly face in the corner. It's really the best thing. I don't ever want it to change. Her quiet silly ways tickles my silly bone!

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