Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too Much Information

We have a few children who have struggled in the big potty department. I was a bit anal retentive as a child, so I work to be very patient with my children. But big potty issues are a big deal. I have noticed many of my friends face problems with big potty with their children, but you rarely hear about it. Either a child will refuse to go, or they go in their pants, or they use it as a place for control. Our issues have never been severe, but as a mama, I feel it's my job to keep up with my kids in the output department.

Well, a funny thing has recently happened with sweet baby number four, and I'm sure when she grows and reads this she will need therapy that I'm writing this. It's just too cute not share.

In an effort to take away any stigma from big potty being bad. Whenever I change a diaper, I kept noticing the elder siblings in the room were turning up their noses at her. Sometimes making little stinky comments. I don't blame them, big potty stinks.

Well, I started cheering every time Story would have a big potty. A great big HOORAY STORY, POOPY!!! Well lately, I will be working somewhere in the house, and I will hear suddenly hear Story let out a great big HOORAY and clap! I know then she has done her business. Now if that isn't just too cute, I don't know what is?

We should all cheer on our big potty! It would make this world a little more friendly.

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Anonymous said...

Good Gracious!! I love that Story!!
:-) Hooray her!!

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