Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Toy

Jason and I recently entered into a big debate over our phones. It took me forever to commit to what I wanted. I'm talking about our phone plans. Jason for years passed up his upgrades and stuck with his ghetto little phone. We called it his toy phone. I basically went through the same phone three different times. My phones didn't really have a chance. So when the new iphone came out, well, I had played with my sister's phone in Napa. It was fun, but I wasn't sure I wanted one. Then we realized we would get it really inexpensively. Then my phone bit the dust. Well, we canceled our house phone and I signed up for a new fancy phone. I tell you it was worth it for the pictures alone. I'm a fan of the camera! Big fan. Jason had to convince me, but I'm so glad he did! So here is a little sampling of my toy.

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