Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There will be the grace for even this... I hear myself saying that often. I hear myself thinking it. I look into the eyes of a hurting friend and say it. Grace, that thing which I cannot comprehend, but I know I need in spades.

Hard things are just that, hard. The life of the believer is not filled with promises of happiness. I remember one sermon years ago quoting Bob Dylan. The interviewer asked Bob, are you happy? His response went something like this, "that's stupid yuppy talk." I know I totally hacked the quote, but I love the truth in it. Happiness is not the goal of the believer. The Westminster Confession puts it best. The chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever.

Love and enjoy are extremely pleasant words. I do not believe that the choice to love and enjoy the Lord always equals happiness in this world. Moments of happiness and victory, no doubt, but it's also having the strenth to find the grace to do hard things.

These next months for our family will include hard things for myself, my guy and my children. He didn't promise it wouldn't hurt and be confusing and painful, but He has promised to be right there with me as I face them with His strength.

Sometimes I look at someone who has suffered greatly and have a longing to know the things of Jesus they know from their struggle. Sometimes I see a loved one suffer and I think, "please, no Jesus, don't make me learn that." But it's not my choice is it? I get to live in submission to the plan that has been laid out for me before the beginning of time. It's a good plan, it's my plan, and it's authored by a Father that has good things in mind. May I seek the lesson in the suffering, find the joy in knowing Him, and rest in His will.
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