Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Feeling Jilted by the Money Saving Mom

Okay, okay, okay, I know I take myself way too seriously, but I'm feeling jilted. Yesterday I made a big step. I posted a comment on Money Saving Mom. It was my first, and I have to say I'm a big, GIANT fan of hers. I tell everyone about her. Even in line at Target. I stopped someone once I overheard talking about Walmart having the best deal on diapers. I told her about my friend, the Money Saving Mom, and that Walmart wasn't the best deal in town. Well, she looked at me like I was wildly crazy, but what good is wisdom if you keep it to yourself?

Well I posted an idea to save money without coupons. I thought it was a good idea. Well, long story, well long. That's all I do. She posted 68 comments, but not mine. I was actually quiet at dinner last night over this. I have actually been checking the comments to see if mine has made the cut. No such luck. A lady that said shop at warehouse stores did, but not me. I'm almost too embarrassed to share my idea. I mean, if it's not good enough for the comment section of Money Saving Mom, why would I subject my two faithful readers to my idea.

That said... I still love the Money Saving Mom! She really is the best. Maybe that's why the sting is so deep..lol.. Reader, check her out! Really! Because of her, we now have about 10 tubes of toothpaste, 12 packs of diapers, and don't even talk to me about female products! She has truly saved our family money! So, I may be jilted, but I'm still faithful.

I do have news to report. I was put on another persons blog as a link for the very first time today! The best part, it's not even someone I know. Her name is Kathy, and I feel very proud to have my first official link. If I can figure it out, I will link you all to her. She just had a baby! Hooray....

Here is my list of top ten things I don't have but wish I did:

1. A comment on Money Saving Mom
2. A farm
3. A family member to live close to me
4. A flat tummy (never mind, who cares, I'd rather have my babies!)
5. A big red barn that smelled like hay and has wild kitty's running around (outside Angela)
6. Chickens and goats
7. More naps
8. A deep freezer
9. 5 acres (for starters)
10. A big kitchen for you to come over and have coffee with me!

So I covet farms, can you tell? It's not happening, but if Sharon gets her twins, I surely can have a farm! Right?


Crystal Paine said...

Oh my! Your comment must have not come through correctly because I certainly wouldn't have deleted it.

Please leave the comment again so I can make sure and approve it. I only delete comments that are really rude or questioning the ethics of other readers or SPAM, etc.

My apologies that you were hurt over this! Please email me in the future if for some reason your comment doesn't show up within 24 hours because it's likely it just got lost in cyberspace somewhere.

My blog would be nothing if it weren't for all my great readers! Thanks for being one of them!

Mother of Many said...

Okay, I'm officially famous! The Money Saving Mom wrote on my blog. Okay, I did tell her I wrote something...but she came, didn't she! Yay...Crystal, I'm really not serious. I will continue to promote you to friends and strangers alike.

Megan said...

Hey friend, I update my links list very infrequently, but you will make mine too eventually! (I know, you were holding your breath waiting for that one, weren't you?)

Sorry you were hurt. I have the disorder of taking everything personally and it really stinks sometimes. :)

MotherofFive said...

Wow!! You are famous. How am I going to be addicted to two blogs at once?!? Between you and MSM, I able to take joy in my children and save money at the same time. :)
I am famous, thanks to you also. Let's put Sharon on praying for a farm for you, I think it may work! :) Although one of your kids may end up with the farm! :)

Mother of Many said...

Thank you, I always knew I would be famous. The only trouble is, people don't get my humor. I think they think I really was hurt and jilted. I had Jason read it..He laughed at least. But then, he knows me best.. You are too funny. About the farm, just so long as I can smell the hay and the barn is red, and your mom doesn't decide to turn it into her house...

*carrie* said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. The blog world really is small--Homespun Heart is my sister, and we met MSM (Crystal) this past week while we were in her neck of the woods.

I live in Iowa, so farms abound here. I'm so glad you think they're beautiful, too! We just got a deep freezer when we moved, and I love it.

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