Saturday, July 19, 2008

Feed Your Mind

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

One of the defining moments with Jason was when we were at Uno's Pizzeria. I remember everything about that date. It must have been twelve years ago, but the things Jason told me have forever changed me. It was not profound, but it was a thought I had yet to think. But the moment I heard it I knew it to be true and I knew Jason would be a person to be faithful to what he said.

Throughout the time that we dated, Jason and I played the question game. It's simple, we took turns asking each other questions. We were trying to know absolutely everything there is to know about each other. Remember those days, where sleep wasn't your most prized commodity?

So, here we were at dinner....why do I take so long to make a point? I asked him, something like, what will get your priority your children or your wife. Without hesitation he said, "my wife." With his great love for kids, I was really not expecting that. I thought we were supposed to become all about the kids, right? Wrong.

He went on to tell me what confidence would be gained in a child where parents intentionally loved each other. How the kids leave and grow but a marriage must last forever. It immediately rang true to me, but it is something I had never thought before.

I agree with what he said, but how do we make this happen? Sometimes we do better than others. We are not people who go on a date a week, but our priority is our marriage. That said, we have had plenty of seasons where our priority was very focused on our babies. Especially newborns.

For me, I feel it's a priority to try and grow in lots of ways to stay interesting for my husband. One year a friend and I tried to read through all the Pulitzer prize winning novels. Not that good fiction is something Jason cares about, he doesn't. But it caused my mind to stretch and grow, which he does care about...I am constantly trying to learn something new. I mostly do it through reading. The topics may not be interesting to Jason, but they cause my mind to work.... I want to be interesting to my husband. We do spend plenty of time talking and reflecting on the kids, but it certainly not all we talk about. Have you ever been with a person who only talks about their kids all the time? Do you know all potty behaviours of their children?

Don't get me wrong, I could write page after page about my children. But I agree with Jason, if I want my children to grow in confidence, I will work to grow in my love and respect for my husband. We don't do this only for the confidence of our children, we do it because loving each other well honors the Lord. In our church everyday, I see those relationships that have obviously grown through the years as well as those that have simply existed. I know which I hope for at the end of my life.

Think big thoughts, wear pretty panties, and kiss your husband in front of the kids.

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