Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Best Best Best Birthday Present EVER!!

Proverbs 16:24
Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

I received the very best news of my life yesterday. First, let me share some background. I have been a person who loves Jesus for just over 14 years now. The Lord plucked me out of one life and planted me in this new, amazing walk at the end of my high school career. Life has never been the same. Immediately, when I met the Lord I knew I had to tell my grandma. She is a woman who never once preached to me, but she was always showing my sister, brother and I Christ. Do you know anyone like that? She was one of the first I told and we cried together.

Since that time, Grandma and I together have committed to praying for the hearts of our family. About three and half years ago my brother came to Christ. Again, tears of joy. Nothing is better than seeing a heart find peace.

As I wrote earlier, my amazing grandma has had a stroke and been living in a haze of medication and dementia. My grandfather has also joined her in the nursing home. My grandpa Homer is no less dear to me than my grandma. I have not shared about him, as my heart has been so heavy for him.

As we named our first daughter after grandma; we also named our first boy for this special man. His name is Homer Lakes, and we named our son Lake. My grandpa is a generous loving man, but he always made it clear to me that he didn't believe in God. I have fallen asleep many a night crying out to the Lord for the salvation of my grandfather. Recently, during a prayer meeting I shared my burden for my grandfather with my church. I was crying so hard by the time I finished I had to leave the sanctuary. I'm a very messy and loud crier.

Though I know it isn't about me, but I also know how specifically Jesus loves me, my Grandpa Homer prayed to receive Christ on my birthday with my very special Uncle Jim. Jason listened to the message on his cell and turned to me and said, "Kara, your grandpa became a Christian." I could hardly drive for the joy. I had to pull over and stop and call my uncle. Though I have been praying for over 14 years for grandpa, I know my aunts and uncles have been praying much longer. I praise God for the faithfulness of my extended family. I am just beginning to know of the rich faith in our extended family. Truly, the best birthday present ever. I cannot wait to go to church tonight and share with my church family that has prayed so diligently for Grandpa Homer.

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Elise said...

That is indeed wonderful news!! I always pray, "God, if you can save Paul, you can save my Dad." And also that God would show them their sin-because its not my place to-and draw them to him. Still waiting on my Dad, unfortunately. At least, I assume so.

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