Friday, July 18, 2008

The Battle Continues

Proverbs 18:2
A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

Okay, okay, okay, I'm an organizing failure. I get so side-tracked. Yesterday I saw the great deal on picture books on moneysavingmom and I packed my unorganized bags and headed for our local CVS. Which, incidentally, didn't have that killer coupon. No matter, two books with my sweet faces and some ecbs. What? Why, you I trekking to CVS when I said I would clean my room. I don't know.

In bed last night, I couldn't sleep. I decided to get up and finish my crafty chore chart. Because the kids will love chores if they have a crafty way to measure the work, right? Not so much. Maybe if I had a nifty chore chart....No, I just need to stop my sloth. And stop MSM for a day or two.

Day #2. Today I'm going to take a bunch of before and pictures of 3 rooms that really need my attention. The laundry room, play room/school room, and auggg my bedroom. I will post the results...I should put my desk in that list too.... I need grace.

I'm going to be more realistic today. We have our VBS tomorrow, and I have a ton to do so I'm going to give myself until....hmm, what's fair. Next Wednesday. And we'll invite someone over Friday for dinner. Autumn, can your family come? I think you are the only one reading this. You can be my cheerleader!

I will again refer to earlier rules listed below. Pray, kind, play...


MotherofFive said...

You didn't invite me and my five children! You wouldn't have to clean at all and you could blame the mess on us. I am avidly reading daily and LOVE your blog!! :)

Mother of Many said...

Come on sister! Bring it, nothing is better than a mess when family is near!

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