Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Crazy

Okay, it's somewhere around 5am. I do not think I slept at all. I snuggled a lot, wanted to sleep, fretted over what a bad day it would be without sleep, then at last got out of bed and came to look up the side-effects of prednisone. I really didn't want to take this medication, and now I'm freaked out that the baby is in danger. All that I've seen says it's okay, but no conclusive tests are known. But I should really be on calcium. I should be anyway.

So, today I am tutoring for Classical Conversations and I have about three things I'm mildly dreading. One, I haven't slept. Two, the tin whistle and four and five year olds. Three about ten color sheets to complete from the My Body series....not to mention reproduction. Boys you color the testicles girls you color the uterus. It doesn't embarrass me, but how will the kids react. I'll let you know. And I just can't come up with something creative to do with the science sentence today.

I just could crawl out of my skin right now. If I could, I think I would slip inside of my second born daughter. She sleeps so sound and peacefully. I would have energy and spunk and be always ready for a snuggle and lots of kisses. Only a bit overly concerned with getting my way, but I'm used to that.

If you could trade skin, who would you be? Actually, I would just take someone asleep with pleasant dreams. Happy day!


Megan said...

Ha, you are a brave tutor. We opted to have the families do the reproductive organs on their own at home after we finish the bodies during class. We have one class with 5 3rd and 4th graders, 3 girls and 2 boys. It just didn't make sense to go there. Same with our littles. Moms and Dads will handle that one.

And surprisingly our little ones are doing well with the tin whistle too, though I personally can't stand it. *grin*

Sorry you aren't sleeping. Really sorry.

Mother of Many said...

It went well with the sex organ part actually. My only problem was that the boys wanted to color the uterus too. I just said, sorry, we only color the parts we actaully have. I read what to book said (which was rather tasteful) and moved on. My littles aren't clued in yet. But for today I had a girl table and a boy table. It was a total G day. And I made it. Off to bed now! Hopefully.

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