Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I realize that I haven't written anything lately about parenting. Perhaps I haven't felt up to the task feeling so sick. But in the midst of feeling badly, I have been surprised at the ability of my children to do work well.

Jason has rallied the troops to do things I didn't think they were capable of on a daily basis. I have been impressed and amazed. Jason has taken over the daunting task of laundry. Maybe he just likes clean clothes. Who knew? Everyday he places the clean clothes on the couch and the girls have folded and put away all the clothes. WHAT! REALLY! WOW! Not only that, they have great pride in their contribution. Ella gives Harper the smaller things, and the large sheets they save for Jason.

It's not perfect, but really....does that matter? I have also found that Ella is excellent at putting away silverware while I put the rest in the high cabinets. I love it. I love having her in the kitchen. It's priceless time and it has caused me to think of ways I can include her in the kitchen. She wants to be there, and I love her company.

I have recently taken off their top sheet to help them in making their beds. Every morning they work diligently to get through their morning chores. If only I could be this efficient!

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