Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

Some weekends are mellow, but rarely. This was a particularly busy weekend. With a wedding, 50th wedding anniversary and church, we felt very busy. It is always a joy to celebrate unions, new and old, but this morning Jason and I stayed in bed trying to prolong the weekend....if only for a moment. The kids were ready for breakfast, school was calling me to get started, and the coffee needed to be made, but we stalled. Jason even got up, poured the cereal and jumped back under the covers. Which I'll tell you, never, never happens. He must be tired.

Jason is under a lot of strain the next couple of weeks. He's finishing up a difficult Hebrew 2 class, and he's studying for a licensure test in our Western Carolina Presbytery. He's a bit overwhelmed. I'm not sure how he gets out of bed at all. When my plate feels too full I tend to shut down.

What I love, love, love about this morning, it's finally cold like Fall is supposed to be. Our heat actually kicked on this morning. The leaves are amazing, and the chill finally arrived! I did not like the 80 heat wave that passed through here. This morning I told Harper that she had to put on jeans. She came in with a pair of capri's on that I hadn't ever seen. They were cute on her. Then I realized they are her little brothers 18 month old jeans. Funny thing, they fit. She's so tiny. I'm not willing to fight the battle. Baby jeans it is today.

Enjoy your beautiful day. I hope it's chilly where you live.

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Kathy Eller said...

Thank you-I am feeling the same way today. Your insight helped. I thought I was just a lazy loser, but maybe I too shut down when overwelmed. I guess it will take longer than Id like to get settled in and back on track.

I hadn't thoguht about you having littles and not bigs. I ahve both and it is tiring but I dont have to get up to pour cereal :) I dont ahve the family to celbrate with like you do which I am really jealous of but my older ones really took care of my little one when I was on bedrest. They are a HUGE blessing.

We had the 80's and 90's and it didnt feel like Autumn at all. The weather is settling in now and remembering Fall coziness.

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