Thursday, September 25, 2008

Classical Conversations

My Thursday mornings are fast becoming my favorite of the week. I originally was super anxious about my role as tutor when I found out I was pregnant. Actually the first week, on my way to CC, I stopped six separate times to be sick. I promise, this is not a post about how sick I feel.

Keeping busy alleviates the nausea for me. The best way I have found to keep busy is to teach the youngest group of kids at a homeschool co-op called Classical Conversations. It's a great program that I highly recommend.

I have taught in many capacities from high school to elementary, but I have never taken on the challenge of young children. Well, other than my own sweet faces. No, I have eight children all varying ages of four and five that greet me every Thursday to memorize things I don't even know. I chose this age due to the fact my shy daughter presides in the group. It was a way to be close and involved and present for her but in a different capacity than she normally functions with me. The result has been great. She is clearly the youngest in the group, but she's taking ownership. Of all things, she's enjoying Latin the most. I would have never thought.

This group is made up of five sweet boys and three darling girls. They have kind hearts and are eager. Eager really is the word. Eager to learn.....sometimes. Eager to share stories about critters....definitely. Eager to give favorite. I could call it work, but really, it's a privilege. It is the three hours I have each week where I don't have the benefit of feeling sick. I'm too busy enjoying the busy little people God has put in my life.


Kathy Eller said...

I want to be in your co-op!! I mean I want my littles to be in your co-op :)

I have been making calls about getting into the dr. I ahd to switch my insuracne to a new dr. then wait until October 1st, then I can see the Dr and then get referred to a dermatologist to see my moles. Not at all as fast as it would be if I were in charge but Im working on it :)

Mother of Many said...

That is good news! I'm glad to hear you made the appointment. Hang in there!

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