Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My sister and I talk about how hard it is when our favorite bloggers go on vacation or slow down posting. Between Angela and I we have 8 kids. (I like to add her 5 to mine, to make me sound more official). Well, as a mom, breaks don't come often. But a 5 minute break can get you through a few new blog posts, right? I have my favorites I check through regularly. I do feel like a blog stalker, but I figured it out today. Blogs are like getting a new magazine in the mail. They are something I look forward to, but know I don't have to make a long commitment of time. Oh, and forget about the pictures that show pretties!

So, my faithful reader. I'm sorry. I'm going on vacation. I need a break from blog stalking. I need to play, get a tan, have a cold drink, and love on my hubby. Hopefully the poison ivy won't keep me from all the reindeer games this week. Blessings to you, may a basket of pepperoni find it's way to your doorstep while I'm gone. And your husband stop shingling his head!


MotherofFive said...

Okay, I can see you are missing my comments!?! I could barely get through the last paragraph. You are cracking me up. Now, what am I to do? I knew you were going on vacation, but what happened to: "don't they have the internet everywhere?"
I will greatly miss you and hope you have a great time. Don't let us lonely blog-stalkers make you feel guilty that you are not sharing with us. :)

Mother of Many said...

True that friend, I will try. But won't I make you mad if I post pictures of my hot, tan body on here? I mean, it just wouldn't be fair.

Anonymous said...

Kara, it's okay to tell us that you're really checking into Internet rehab. We're here for you.

Enjoy your break.

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