Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting Caught

Exodus 2:12
He looked this way and that, and seeing no one, he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.

I love this verse. Don't we all do a little of looking this way and that when we are about to sin? We look around to see who is watching us before we share choice words we really shouldn't choose. That looking... should be our first flag to stop what it is we are sneaking to do.

Yesterday, when going to the playground at our house, one of my children grabbed a toy off the counter I had taken away from another child. I had allowed two of them to go a few minutes ahead of me onto the playground while I changed a diaper. Well, when the toy was spotted from the child I had taken it from...well you get the point. Because, that really wasn't the point.

When I asked about the toy, the answer was, "I don't really remember." Another child quickly said, "they brought it out behind their back." The sinner then said, "Maybe she is right, but I don't remember."

It was such a great opportunity for growth for my child. I discussed how it wasn't the toy that was the offense but the lie and being sneaky. I shared my own moments of being sneaky that resulted in me choosing sin. It was one of those moments in parenting where you realize the Lord is reaching the heart of the child.

Later, my daughter told my friend she had a tough day with sin. I thank God for my friend and her honesty. She said, "I know what you mean, today I said things I should not have, I thought things I should not have, and I did things I should not do." "Have you found the forgiveness you need?" Yes, was the answer from my child. I felt so very proud of the redemption that is happening in the heart of my child.

We also talked about how much the Lord loves us, that He would care enough to catch us in our sin! That He brings people in our lives and conviction in our hearts to break us of our sin, and draws us nearer to Himself. I hope you get found out in your sin today! May His grace lead you home. It is a prayer of my heart that my kid's sin is found out. And that they are gently led to the truth of God's grace and forgiveness to the point that they want more of Him and less of themselves.

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