Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Vacation for our family doesn't come all too often. When we do vacation, we do it with family. Well, we go to the homes of our family members. Currently we are at the home of my parents in Florida. Earlier this year we vacationed with my in-laws in Charleston. So, we are fortunate to have family in fun places.

The funny thing about being an adult with your parents....Is well, I'm an adult now, but more than that, the older you get the more you see your parents differently. Jason and I have always made it our goal to help each other love and honor our parents in all that we do. We both have had some strain in our relationships with our parents, but with the encouragement from Jason...I can say my relationship is better with my parents than it has ever been. I do believe he would say the same about his family. We have reached a point where we can all laugh about the many quirks we all bring to our family. I love to see my parents playing with my children.

My 5 favorite things about vacation!!
1. Jason, all day every day!
2. Naps
3. Sun and Fun
4. Smiles on the faces of my children
5. Endless Olympics! And little people documentaries! I am fascinated by little people!

My 5 least favorite things about vacation...
1. 13 hour drive
2. Noseeum (little bugs that torture me)...and not Jason.(he's too hairy for the bugs to reach him)
3. Poopy swim diapers....nuf said!
4. Lake learning to escape the pac and play
5. Benadryl hangover (from all the bug bites)

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about Ella and I getting started with our homeschool routine. I'm getting excited about getting home and getting started. I think I may even start the Tuesday we get home.

I miss writing. I'm excited to get home for my writing as well!


MotherofFive said...

Glad to see you came back home. :) You were missed.

Mother of Many said...

I'm still here. I just missed writing. I miss you too!

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