Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Homeschooling and Happy

We have been plugging away now for almost a week. It has been delightful. I must say I was most anxious about the two little ones, but they are doing great. I spend lots of time filling everyones love tanks with snuggles and love on the couch we put in the school room. They are learning to play well together, and await times when big sister can join.

I was surfing blogs when I saw a tradition that one homeschool family does. They pack up backpacks, have a special breakfast out with daddy, then come home to meet the "teacher" We had a great time our first.

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KathyEller said...

That is a really good tradition! I am not sure how I would pull that off but....I bet your time at home alone while they are having breakfast makes for a smoother day too!
Kudos on keeping the love tank full! I am trying and I know I should. I am trying to tend to my littles first because then everyone benefits. We also start out slowly adding more subjects in as we get flowing smoothly...We'll see how long that actually takes :)

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