Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lake Update

Lake and I headed for Asheville this morning to have his hearing checked. He was so sweet. It is rare for him and I to have time alone. He is such a special heart. I think part of my worry over his speech comes from my eagerness to hear what he has to say. That said, I may be missing all that he "is" saying without words. He is sweet meat, and I make many meals from him every day. Could you just chew on those cheeks?

Well, his hearing is normal. We are now headed to speech therapy. Oh blah dee, oh blah da, life goes on! It is such a privilege to shepard these sweet hearts, isn't it? What do you love about being a mom (or dad) today? Today, I love I'm the one my kids come running to, to give a hug and a silly story. And diaper bottoms, and ouchies that really aren't there, but just a ploy to get some love. And love I have! Thank you Jesus for little ones! I am rich because of these children.


MotherofFive said...

Well, now you have one hurdle down. That is good news. He can hear you, he just doesn't feel like talking. Hmmm. . . I have heard this before. :) Let me know and we will be praying.

Anonymous said...

you have a cute son.
your lucky to have him.

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