Friday, August 1, 2008

First Sleepover

Okay, Jason and I took the big step last night. We let Ella, our oldest, go to her first sleepover. She has slept with friends of ours and family, but never for a "sleepover" with other girls. I must say, I think I was a big girl about it, but I was definitely a bit over board on checking on her.

I remember when I was a girl wanting a really cool sleeping bag like all the other girls. My parents have never been camping in their life. So a sleeping bag was not a priority in my family. So I was the girl with a pillow case full of a huge quilt, pillow and t-shirt for sleeping. But I remember wanting a sleeping bag.

So, when Ella asked me to get her a cute sleeping bag I understood. She still had some birthday money from my mom, so I looked. Funny, my mom bought the sleeping bag. It was hard to buy it. Jason and I used to be backpack guides, and our attic is full of sleeping bags, but certainly not in the cool, girl brands they have these days. And ours are for sub-zero degrees in the mountains. Definitely not an issue here.

Well, they had princess, pink camo, and Hannah Montana. I called Jason, and he didn't even want her to have the last choice (another day, another blog). I knew she would pick the pink bag. She did. It surprised Jason. He asked her why she wanted that one. She said, "dad I like Hannah Montana, but I'm not ALL about her like the other girls are." So cute. Our 3 year old proceeded to say she would have picked Hannah. No matter, my girl is growing up.

So I'll confess. I went over to the house at 10 last night to make sure she was okay. I talked to the mom and the Holy Spirit. Before we left that afternoon I told Ella I would be praying, and if my heart was uneasy we would go home. She agreed. Well, when I walked in, I was instantly transported to some of the best parts of my childhood. Ella, with a bowl of popcorn, was surrounded by a group of sweet girls in jammies. She gave me a huge smile and asked me if I wanted to share her popcorn. The little girls mom was super sweet, and understood my angst about her first sleepover.

I just remember the catty nights at some sleepovers that were filled with fights. This was not the case. She was in for the time of her life. When she was in the car this morning I asked her who fell asleep first. She said she didn't know....hee, hee, it must have been her. She's my sleeper. The best thing today, she's been sweet. Not tired and grumpy like I expected. She said she wants a nap, but she has been kind around the house.

Ella is really such a blessing. She certainly has her moments. She is just as depraved and sinful as her mommy, but golly, I sure love how Jesus made her. I see why the Lord made her to be my oldest. Her kind heart is contagious. I won't be so afraid about the next sleepover, but I will always listen to the Lord and be sensitive to His guidance in these matters. I'm not afraid to say no if I need to.


MotherofFive said...

The boys had a sleepover last night also. They sure are growing up fast!

Mother of Many said...

I think we are stuck in a warm hold or something. Time cannot be passing this quickly.

FishMama said...

Can't even imagine. I'm not ready for any of that. Glad it went so well!

Mother of Many said...

Who is ever ready for any of it? Hopefully we just have the Lord's supply of widsom when we get here.

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