Monday, January 10, 2011

Slow Mornings!

I love Saturday mornings and snow days. I love having nothing much to do days. Though I think in the back of my mind I should be cleaning, I'm going to sit and enjoy nothing much. I'll enjoy an extra cup of coffee with my best friend, I watch my kids create fun from nothing, and I'll sit. Sometimes I get up to eat something (well, I do that part a lot).

I love a slow day. Maybe I'll craft something, maybe I'll find the bottom of my laundry room, maybe I'll finish reading Jeremiah, maybe I'll finger paint with the kids. Who knows.. Nothing pressing on my time today. It's the best kind of day.

10 inches of snow, bring it!! You know, I may create some food from the pantry for lunch. Maybe make biscuits with the kids.... Who knows. It's cold outside, but under my quilt, I'm content as content can be! My baby just brought me her Christmas party dress to put on. For her it's a party day.

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