Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friendship and Personal Agony

This Christmas was an amazing time for our family. The snow came in just as we were opening presents, and the snow kept us together for several restful days (church was canceled). We play, we slept, we played some more and we ate.

In planning for Christmas this year, I really agonized over what our presents should be. Usually I plan way in advance, have exactly in mind what I'm going to get each child. Well, this year being a tough one for Jason and I, well, I had no plan. So we decided to send me into black Friday and see what I could find.

Well, it happened that I came up on a guy holding the last two Nintendo ds units that were super cheap. I put them in my bag, walked around the store and agonized. Are we a video game family? Will my kids become consumed? Will they ever speak to me again? Will they be lost behind that little screen?

Well, I made the purchase and came home and talked with my guy. We both had gaming units growing up. Not very cool ones, but we had them. We decided at the end of the day we still get to be the parents, and with all the road trips coming up, it wasn't a bad idea.

So now it's been about a month since Christmas. They play their games, maybe, every other day. Mostly when people come over. Go figure. Only once did I have to have my child take a break from her playing.

Well, recently, a very special friend of our family had a terrible leg break in a sledding accident. As I was talking to her mom, I learned that she was really discouraged. I was making dinner for the family, so I sat the girls down and asked them to consider sharing their new toy, as their friend could not leave her wheelchair and was bored.

Immediately, Harp ran to get hers. She wanted to be the one to share because Ella had already used her Christmas money to buy their friend a present. I was so proud! They both were so generous with their hurting friend.

When we went to deliver the meal Ella was so gentle and loving with her friend. Harp will get to go next week. I love kindness... Love it!

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Anonymous said...

You deserve to be so proud!! That is wonderful of your girls!!! :-)

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