Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today was the best day ever! Fire, bike riding and pb&j! We soaked up some much needed vitamin D! We played, I read my Bible, the girls played house in the backyard. It was fantastic.

At one point I looked over at my son. He walked up to a huge oak tree and wrapped his arms around it. I could tell he was considering how to climb the tree. It is a huge one, and it's lowest limbs were way out of reach. But the ambition and ability to think he could do it was a sight to see. I wish I had such gumption. Every time I face any kind of trial, I back down, melt down, struggle and fret. I have lost some of what was once fearless in me. Seeing his little arms wrapped around that tree, I realized something about age has been lost on me. I was once invincible. Maybe someday I will be again.

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