Tuesday, January 4, 2011

High Calling...the morning routine

Some mornings I fail at the high calling of loving my children well. The first step to doing morning well is me being the first one awake. When I take the time to spend time with Jesus, I am much more on the ready to love my babies well.

This morning as I woke my children to get ready for their days, I observed four very different personalities. One woke kind and motivated to get going. Another woke crying and struggled at every turn. The next, jumped out of bed and started running, eyes not really opened, but running nonetheless. The last woke clingy, needing touch. I can look at the list of my waking children and it is evident which personalities lend themselves to be easier to love. But like I previously stated, as a mom, it's not my calling to love only the lovable. Interesting to that, if the Lord didn't love me in my unlovable state, where the heck would I be. Truly, I have the more difficult kind of personality in the morning myself.

So, how do I speak the gospel into our mornings? How do I bring gentleness to my crier, and love to my clingy child. How do I slow down my rusher, and also, how do I take time to love on the self-starter. I realize writing this, the easiest to love is sometimes the one that goes unloved, as the others are so adept at being needy. Golly, love is complicated.

I have another chance to start the day with my kids tomorrow. May I depend on the grace that is provided...

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