Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Amazing Milestone

Harper Joy Sonnet,

Dear sweet second daughter, everyday you bless my heart. I so enjoy your spunk, and quiet friendly ways. You are silly and shy, and you have been so excited about reading for such a long time. I have a little secret... You have been able to read for a long, long time, but your dad and I slowed you down a little to give you a good foundation in phonics. I love how excited you are about reading!

I pray you grow to love reading as much as your daddy and I do. My prayer is that you love God's word and that you make the time in your day to love and learn from the word of God. I pray that the word changes you and deepens you.

Harper, I love you. I love hearing you read. You are a very bright and energetic young lady. It is such a blessing to be your mother. It's an exciting time for you. I love how you are growing in such grace sweet girl.


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