Friday, May 13, 2011

Onward weary soldier...Counting, counting the gifts!

17. Dirt under fingernails

18. Dimples on the back of 50% of the hands in my home

19. Caring that takes nothing, but only gives rich grace

20. Patience to wait for a heart to soften

21. Haze on my backyard mountains

22. Movie night with girlfriends

23. Nailpolish on little girl fingers

24. Over watered herbs by my over zealous garden helpers

25. Cotton anything

26. Clean sheets to rub my feet on next to my best friend

27. Heat that slows everthing down to a crawl

28. Anticipating the arrival of dear friends from a far off land

29. Time alone with a child

30. Grace that is greater than all my sin!

1 comment:

Christy / Caitlin said...

Sooooo enjoying this journey with you.:)

A place to find encouragement to love your little ones, your husbands and those you come in contact with daily. Two does not have to be terrible. These are years to grow not simply get through!