Monday, May 16, 2011

Anniversary Edition Blessing count!!

30. Jason.. You, so thankful for you!

31. Your gentle love and discipline of our children

32. Your constant kindness toward me throughout my day!

33. Your coffee making skillz!

34. Your face that is reflected in each of my chldren.

35. Your integrity that is unwavering

36. Your faith: constant, true and full

37. Your patience, waiting for me to catch up; I know you are praying for me when I lag behind.

38. For each of the years past, even in our struggles, God has been so gracious to strengthen and deepen our marriage.

39. For the four children these years have brought into our life. I cannot think of anyone I would rather share the laughs with around our dinner table.

40. For the years to come... I can hardly wait boyfriend!!! I love you!

Goal for next year! More pictures of us. We are lacking in that department!But we have plenty of our children!

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1 comment:

Deborah said...

What a great list and lovely testimony of love. Blessings
PS. I love Nashville also.

A place to find encouragement to love your little ones, your husbands and those you come in contact with daily. Two does not have to be terrible. These are years to grow not simply get through!