Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Crazy Fun

There is one place in this world that if I asked my kids if they wanted to go they would all join in a loud voice and say! NASHVILLE!!! In the process of looking for a job, Jason said, "if we could live anywhere, where would you choose?" Again, NASHVILLE!!!

We are certainly open to the possibility of moving there if a call opens up, but as for weekend visits, they are a favorite for our entire family. It's funny for Angela and I, if someone asks us who is coming to town and we mention the other family coming... We get comments like, "You are crazy." "Better you than me." "That does not sound like fun."

Oh, but the fun they are missing. The thing is, combined we have 9 children. It's a heafty sum of kids, but they are all such amazing friends. This past Easter visit, I really can't remember any fighting. Seriously, I'm trying now to remember, and I can't. I'm sure it may have happened, but it was so so fun.

We really used to struggle with our oldest two completely wearing themselves out, but they better know their limits. The little ones still struggle with little people kinds of issues, but here, Nashville, they always happen.

Aunt Angela and Uncle Dana have a house for sale directly facing their house. Ella has been praying we would get that house. Two things I do not have the heart to tell her, 1. We can't afford it and 2. it sold. No reason in upsetting her.

Our kids have built a lifetime of memories together. Maybe someday we will live closer together. I know a lot of little people that would rejoice if that day came.

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Amy said...

Hmmm.... I think I will be praying for God to open a door for you to live in Nashville. Then we might someday soon live in some kind of reasonable vicinity of one another! (Nashville is on our list, along with about everything north of it ;o)

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