Monday, May 9, 2011

Best day EVER!

I remember when I was first married; I put such unrealistic expectations on Jason in the gift department. My daydreaming hopes of every holiday always left me grumpy and discouraged. Now that I've grown a little bit older and maybe a little bit more...hmmm, less selfish and full of myself, I see fun days like Mother's Day with more grace.

My weekend was fantastic, full of snuggles, gooey glue cards and time. Time with my husband, time with my kids, and time to nap. It was fantastic. I think of the holidays that I felt so let down; I regret the selfish heart I took into those holidays.

I'm so richly blessed as a mama. Blessed beyond all understanding. Truly, everyday is my day. Everyday I get to have a sleep over with my best friend. Everyday I get to have my favorite people to dinner! Everyday, I get to fold the endless mounds of blessings given to my children from friends. Everyday, I get to witness the Lord provide for my heart, the hearts of my family and the community around us.

My cup is running over! When I think it isn't; I'm not looking... Blessed! I'm so richly, richly blessed!

I'm on Jason's computer, found these old pictures! I love my job!

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Stacie said...

Oh glue cards!! Heaven~
My girls are grown and I still have the ones they made when they were little...what a beautiful family you have!

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