Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Counting the blessings

5. Psalms, all of them! But 123 is a current favorite

6. Sunshine after a powerful storm

7. Girlfriends

8. Weakness made perfect in His strength. Exposing my clear need

9. Uncertainty that keeps me dependent and hopeful

10. Mountains in my backyard... Don't let me take your beauty for granted, as I clearly may not have you in the months to come.

11. Blue jeans that wear out in fun

12. Quilt forts

13. Post Easter, egg hunting

14. Cash in the laundry; feeling so much like a tip that says: "Go get yourself something pretty!" Or from a soda fountain.

15. Knowing who to pray for during a storm. Knowing the fears of those closest to me; being able to trust them to Jesus. The gift of knowing a heart. Truly knowing it.

16. The pool season that is fast approaching! I can hardly wait to slather my babies in sunscreen!

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