Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Memories and me...

The way I remember my life comes in two different categories, how it smelled or how it tasted. Tell me of a time in my life with joy, and I will tell you what it tasted like. Remind me of a trip to my grandparents farm, and I will tell you how it smelled. My life is sensual, but not in the classic sense. I just remember the smell and taste of things. Perhaps that directly relates to two of my greatest pleasures and greatest splurges.

I am a careful shopper when it comes to food, clothing, most everything. In two places, we have never found a cheaper substitute. Trust me we have tried. I splurge when it comes to our morning cup of coffee and my soap.

My favorite time of day is when I smell the coffee and hear the final sounds of it coming through the coffee pot. It means time reading the Bible, time talking with Jason, and our time of prayer together. It's the best part of my day.  Jason and I mix together Starbucks house blend and their decaf house blend. I have found the best prices at Target.

And when it comes to my soap. I have tired many alternatives. But I found that the cheap soap doesn't last, but when I spend a little extra and buy the French milled soap, it is actually economical as it lasts over three months. And the smell, it's amazing! So my stolen moment of quiet actually becomes a great smelling joy filled experience well worth the extra money spent. I plan to write this company today to thank them. When I looked at the label, I noticed they were here in North Carolina. Thank you South of France, the stolen moment of quiet increases my patience with my children! Thank you. What increases your joy? Where do you splurge? Comment....I double dog dare you!!!


Christy / Caitlin said...

While most of the items in my wardrobe come from Target or the sales rack, I never skimp when I buy jeans. This is an indulgence I have made concessions for over the past 6-8 years. I just can't find the fit, comfort, stlye and longevity that comes with lesser priced jeans. My other indulgence is hair products / stylists and one I have seemingly passed on to my 13 year old daughter. I love the results from our SALON products, they are unparalleled. The stylists at Wink (in Biltmore) are the best in their field and are true specialists. For these indulgences, I am willing to make sacrifices in many other areas...and that's just fine by me.

Mother of Many said...

Oh, how you tempt me. I would love to have that as my guilty pleasure. I love, love, love Shampure by Aveda...Alas, maybe I will have the splurge in my next season of life. I'm with you on that. Nothing better than a good haircut and yummy products.

I have also been told many a time to buy good jeans. The way I'm made I can barely keep a pair of pants on. Again, maybe someday, today coffee and soap, tomorrow, Shampure and jeans... One never knows! Thanks for sharing friend!

Felicia said...

I simply can't skimp on jeans! Really.. I have never found a cheap pair that fit correctly. I also love to spend a little more and buy Pampers! They are worth it LOL!

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