Friday, June 24, 2011

Quishable Lake Love

Oh, my kids are all such treats. Each of my children hold a special place in my heart. He still remains pronoun confused often saying things like, "him's my friend"... Lake spends his days working, and rarely plays. Actually work is play for my son.

One day recently, some dear friends of ours were moving. I was heading to the pool while Jason would spend time helping with the move. Isn't crazy to think my son would rather swim than work? As I was dropping Jason off, Lake spotted a group of workers. Better yet, he spotted strong men working. Jason gave me a kiss goodbye, and Lake started to beg, cry, plead to be allowed to also work.

As I neared the pool, the heartbreak of my son became too much. I seriously wondered if I made the wrong decision to rob a boy of a day of work/play. Suffice it to say, he saw his friend at the pool and was distracted. Thank goodness for the red headed friend that met us at the pool. He has brought Lake out of many a funky mood.

My new favorite thing about my son. Words that begin with S and another letter come hard for Lake. ie.. Mom, there is a pider (spider) I need to save you from/ which he bravely often will do for me. Last week he came in our room one morning, snuggled in between Jason and I. We made a yummy Lake sandwich and loved and loved on him. He smiled, he giggled, he pretended to fight... Then he said, "you are QUISHING me"....Which just made us do it more, because I love to quish my little man! He's very quishable!! Unique Lake!!! I love you!!

 I will be sad when his pronouns improve, the baby chub on his wrists vanishes, and when his S makes an appearance in his speech. I celebrate the unique qualities of my children this day.. How do you love your children specifically and intentionally this day?

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