Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love your man well!

In the hunt for a mentor in my early years of marriage, I met a woman that forever changed my perspective on loving Jason. This woman liked her coffee strong, loved art, and had a voice of a DJ or rock star. Her children were absolutely unique and she had a great love and admiration for her husband.

The time we had together was absolutely priceless to me. She made herself available to me and was always up for a cup of coffee. She was venerable with her weaknesses and my favorite thing about her...She loved reading.

When I first met her she was working her way through the Pulitzer Prize list of books. I immediately jumped on board with her. I knew I met a kindred spirit when I saw her love for reading.

One day as I was explaining how Jason and I both love books, but could not be more opposite in what we read. She gave me a simple answer that will forever stay with me. She told me how she felt reading made her more interesting for her husband. How she had a lot of different interests that deepened her and encouraged her to be an interesting person. Interesting in the eyes of her husband. She talked how easy it is to become consumed in his world or the world of the children and become somewhat lost. That reading broadened her life and deepened her understanding.

Jason and I will always read different books. I only read fiction and non fiction books on farming. Jason loves books of faith and theology. We meet daily over the Bible, but we celebrate our differences.

Just last week, Jason heard that a friend of ours was butchering his chickens. He immediately knew it was something I wanted to learn to do. He managed to get us invited. It was fabulous. I even was given the opportunity to kill one of the chickens. You see, Jason has no interest in killing chickens, but he loves my interests. And I want to be someone he finds forever interesting.

This week I'm taking a Thai cooking class. I can hardly wait. Jason was so supportive. He has always been my champion with all my crazy notions. I'm so gifted to have him, so I want to always be a gift. A quirky, interesting, funky, silly, loving gift he can't wait to come home to at night!

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