Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kindness is Christ

This has been a tough year where I have had to face unkindness head on. I have had to look at the face of hate and anger and press deeply into Christ. In the face of ugly, it is difficult to seek grace and not revenge. Love and not bitterness, Christ and not self.

I have spoken in veiled utterances, but it is clear there has been much pain. But in the place of pain, He has been there. Right there. Ever present, close, steady and certain. As my idols have deminished, He has filled the empty space.

In the brokeness of life, I don't need to be like Christ. I need Christ himself. I realize the being like Christ can just end up in a pile of works, but give me Christ himself, and I will show you perfect peace in the midst of a terrible storm.

True joy is not the absence of pain, but His presence in the midst of pain. I hurt for those who have not seen Christ in their midst lately. Who have refused the joy and freedom of repentance. I long for more, more, more of Jesus, and that consequently means less of me. Less need to defend and be right... I need Him. Guess what I've learned, it was for freedom that He set me free... He set His love on me for that.. To daily give me Himself.. To be enough for today, tomorrow, and eternity


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