Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to Today

Ode to my oldest
tallish and strong
perfect height to hug my middle tight
tender and loving
unkindness confuses
loudest laugh in the house
junkie of fun and now

Ode to number two
silly faced picture taker
Full of quiet smiles
tight muscles and elbows
keeper of the tally
sharp and knowing
memory for the family
creative and quiet
diminutive and life giving

Ode to the boy
pronoun confused
player of work
protector of my snuggles
feircest in loving
quick to defend
keeper of dimples on your knuckles
your daddy without pain

Ode to my baby
head full of cowlicks
toothy grin
lover of my V neck shirt
content among many
tough but tender
lover of the sisterhood
needy of the brother
sweet baby for us all

1 comment:

Jon Dawes said...

Kara: thanks for sharing this poem. I really enjoyed it!!! I like the style of this one; it paints a great picture of what you're thinking. It's amazing the power poetry can have, when you stick some words together in JUST the right order...refreshing. JD

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