Monday, March 7, 2011

Gun Cabinets and Friendship

A friend is a friend that will help you with a hard task. I had two such special ladies come by my house today and help me pack up my kitchen. It has started, we are getting our ducks in a row to move out. This house has been such a lovely blessing to our family. I'm sad in a way, but also excited about the next chapter for our family.

Packing box after box, I realize my over abundance of dishes. I have found myself sentimental in the dish department. I have lovely dishes from my grandmother. They are simple, chipped, and perfect. I use them when I entertain a large group, but they often sit in the cabinet that was once in the red kitchen of my sweet grandmother.

The cabinet is a story in itself. My grandfather had an extensive gun collection. My grandmother had an extensive record collection. When they were robbed, my grandmother had the gun cabinet turned into a cabinet for her crystal. It now holds the beautiful dishes I'm sure she scored at a yard sale.

Though many houses where I now live sport a gun cabinet, few I know are filled with dishes.

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