Monday, December 27, 2010

Timothy Keller: Counterfeit Gods

I just finished this wonderfully convicting book. He drew so many connections from scripture to the idol factory of our hearts. It has brought new life to old stories and connected me personally to my sin struggles and the sin struggles of the many many characters in the Old Testament. I highly recommend this book. It's a short book, but, for me, not a quick read. I had to slowly digest this book, as it was highly convicting to me personally. I'll leave you with a quote...

"We think we've learned about grace, set our idols aside, and reached a place where we're serving God not for what we're going to get from him but for who he is. There's a certain sense in which we spend our entire lives thinking we've reached the bottom of our hearts and finding it is a false bottom. Mature Christians are not people who have completely hit the bedrock. I do not believe that is possible in this life. Rather, they are people who know how to keep drilling and are getting closer and closer."

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