Sunday, December 26, 2010


This morning started... Well, not like most Sunday mornings. We weren't rushed and in a dither trying to get ready for early service. The snow kept us from the regular rush of brushing hair, finding dress shoes, getting something to eat, and getting house semi-presentable for Sunday school that meets here.

Today, it was all stopped, but the Lord still had His day. Or should I say we enjoyed His day still. After a slow cup of coffee, Jason and I having time in the Word, we slowly ate breakfast with the kids, and then had a little service of our own.

Ella read Psalm 23, the kids chose hymns, and Jason shared with us about the importance of Truth from Ephesians 4. When it was all finished the preacher gave me a nice big kiss. I'm totally coming back to that church.

Jason and I brought some order to the chaos of our lingering Christmas morning all over the house.

And with Jason having a hurting back, I decked out the kids and headed to the hill. 7 inches of snow left it's beautiful mark on our back yard. The kids started as I hefted the countless bags O trash to the dumpster. That chore done, I zoomed down the hill all different ways. Frontward...backwards...with Ella on my back... You name it. Now I'm the one with the sore back.

The kids found a tree that recently fell down across the street. They climbed on it's snowy loveliness for a long time.

Now inside, I'm going to attempt a new pizza dough recipe from Pioneer Woman. We'll see I had to improvise several ingredients, as my local grocer refuses to carry arugula.

With the cold outside, and the warmth of Christmasy thoughts inside, this lowly mom has much to be thankful for this year. My blessings are countless, my babies are precious, my husband dear, and the Love of God is boundless. I'm excited of the new things I'll learn of Him this coming year. Can't wait to share pictures from this weekend. It's been a weekend that great memories are made of!! I'm not sure it gets much better than this, (this side of heaven anyway).

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