Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love Cup

Having four kids really lends itself to learning a lot about dealing with differing personalities. I'm not an expert, but everyday I have an opportunity to learn something new about relationships.

Jason and I often use the term "love cup." We have a house full of four children and two adults in constant need of filling their love cup. Our role as parents is to point them to the ultimate filler of our cups and lover of our souls, but, as parents, we are the stewards of the hearts of our children. We are to shepherd and love our children as we point them to their Saviour.

The thing about seeing these four very different children, we realize every personality comes with different abilities at getting what they need to feel loved. We have children that are very assertive at getting the love they require to feel fullfilled, and we have children who are quiet and struggle to ask or seek the love they need.

The responsibility of the parent is not simply to love the lovable child, but to seek the one that stands off on the sidlines or attempts to withdrawl. We, as parents, must know the love of God that persues with gentle love. The God that loves us in our sin, the God that is humble in pursuit, even in our stubbornness.

To love the loveable... Well, even the tax collectors do that.

The picture... Well, that has nothing to do with my post. Who doesn't want to look at a picture you wish you could take a bite out of...

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