Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Pressure

Before we were married, someone gave us the very wise advice to not travel on Christmas. They said if we started the habit of traveling to see everyone in the beginning we would feel the obligation to continue it.

So for our family tradition we stick close to home. We spend the morning with the family and the afternoon with dear friends playing Christmas Bingo. Christmas for us has always been a relaxed time. Our children have always been realistic with their want for presents. I think I may have gone bigger than I intended this year. I just hit some good deals on black Friday.

Another tradition Jason and I started was to wrap all our presents on Christmas Eve. A friend of mine reminded me of the fact that we did that because one Christmas Harper Joy kept unwrapping the presents. Isn't it funny I have no memory of that. My friend, who gets more sleep than I do, told me about Harper so I know to believe her. From that, a fun evening with my guy was created that I look forward to every year.

Our traditions are simple, church on Christmas Eve, pajamas for presents that night, and family time together. With Jason entering the pastorate, we knew sticking close to home would be a good bet for us... When I read of the stress others face traveling, I feel thankful for the choice we made early on in our marriage.

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