Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Power!!

I never knew that as I grew older I would gain super powers. I somehow knew the power of a kiss on a boo boo, but I have a new super power....Well, I guess I've always had it; it's just now I have a young man who is totally powerless to my super power mom strength.

In our house heavy in the girl department, I have one lone young man. This little guy has a powerful strong will. We go rounds with this amazing personality, working not to change it, but to focus his strength of will for good.

Every night when bedtime comes around, it feels like a certain victory getting 4 children off to bed. Jason and I regularly have a combined sigh at the miraculous once we meet on the couch after bedtime.

Here is where my mom super power is at it's height. My little guy plays hard all day, and has long since given up the whole nap business. He doesn't tire out, and he doesn't really get all that grumpy at night time. When the time comes he wants two things to get to dreamtown....His blanket and his mama.

My body heat is his kryptonite. We snuggle in, he regularly says, "mom, let's talk." These are some of the sweetest talks of my day. Last night we talked about kindness and when it's hard to be kind. He told me how his best friend "doesn't do's sin." I told him he did... He said, "no mom, him don't"....

As he gets all warmed up, he's out. Normally in less than three minutes. His sleeping face is so so sweet. I can normally head to the big girls and have mommy time with them after I get Lake out. Ella is the hardest to catch...That girl can sleep...

Some nights I dread bedtime, but I usually come away blessed. It's all attitude. what a gift these babies are to me!

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