Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meeting Loneliness with Grace

I have, for so long, seen evangelism as meeting an unbeliever and sharing what it means to know Jesus. I'm realizing that sharing the complexities of my faith and love for Jesus is much more complicated. As I am currently in the community, I have had the opportunity to meet so many new people, believer and unbeliever alike. Today, especially, I have grown in thankfulness as Jesus brought two very different women in my life. I have the love of Jesus to share with believer and unbeliever alike. At the heart of evangelism, is sharing. I'm learning that is sharing life, sharing loneliness, and offering friendship and the truth of Jesus. I have found that so many in this town are lonely and longing for friendship. I feel grateful for the people I have met who have shared their loneliness honestly. It's a risk to admit a need for friendship. It is a risk to say hi to a stranger. I think as Jesus accepts us in our depravity, He joins us to Himself in community. I believe honest community is one of our greatest heart desires. I certainly do not have the corner on building community, but I do know loneliness. I do know that I long to be known. I want people not to just know the shiny, pretty places in my life, but the harder places in my heart. I long for community that will be honest with me in my ugly and point me to the Kind one. I feel so thankful for this day that brought two lovely women in my life. I have never deserved the kindness that was once shown to me by Michele, Jenny, and Mickey, but those women connected me to the God that has never left my community since the day I met Him, May 4, 1994. Thank you Jesus, You are the only cure for my loneliness. You are the One that gives me the grace to meet new people in new places. Thank you ladies that took the time to meet this simple believer today.

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