Saturday, February 18, 2012

Epic Start

I still have a hard time believing my start here in Colorado. The year before our time in Colorado was humbling in so many ways; I was looking to what the Lord had in store for us as we returned to the West. The Lord had it planned for me to fall on my face. LITERALLY! I fell on my face, tore open my lip, broke my nose in two places, and ended up with a heart issue. Currently, my lip is healed, my nose is mostly healed (until a child throws an elbow while snuggling), and I'm proudly sporting a super cool heart monitor.I know you are jealous. I never expected such an entry into this great state, but it was the plan. It was hard on the kids, hard on my heart, but good for my soul. One of my children really struggled seeing my hurting face. They later said, "mom, you stayed at the doctor too long, and came back with a broken heart." We were humbled, each of us. People unpacked my home I had never met, filled my house with food, and helped Jason on our move day. The truth is, He is good, ALL THE TIME! Even in the midst of brokeness and heartache. Alone in the hospital, I knew He was enough. As I have had late nights recently longing for the family in North Carolina, I know He is ENOUGH! Many times over the last weeks, I have heard the beautiful stories of the people in this place. People who are lonely, hurting, fighting the daily battle with unbelief and I know this is where the Lord has me for His good purpose. I tend to be impatient for community, I forget that I need to fall on my face and be reminded how GOOD He is. I see how my children have to face their own lonliness and allow the rich grace of Jesus be enough for them as well. I would love it if you chose to follow this blog. Follow my journey as our family seeks what the Lord has for us here in Colorado. I'm sure it's more falling on our faces, more being stripped of self, more brokenhearted dependance on Christ. May we learn the joy of Him. It's enough, it always has been, it always will be. Thank you dear friends who pray. Thank you for your precious words of encouragement. What will you do in the mundane days of faithfulness?

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Sassy Girl said...

Oh how I loved seeing your new post on my Blog Roll this morning. I've missed your words of joy and grace. I can feel the happiness and excitement in your words. I know God has big things in store for you and your sweet fam. I can hardly wait to follow along with your adventures. Miss you all.

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