Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where it all began

We are headed to the place it all began. We are packing up the kids for a night in the mountains. We are taking them to the place our story originated. I vividly remember walking around the lake at Eagle Lake and seeing Jason walking with a lovely woman up to camp. I thought,"I forgot about him, but I need to pray that woman out of his life." It turned out that lovely woman was Jason's sister. Though I wouldn't encourage such praying today, it was certainly where I was, and it was the beginning of our story.
I later sat next to Jason, where he told me the goals for his life. To love children and Jesus and play outside all the days given to him. That night I wrote to my parents telling them I had met the kind of man I wanted to marry. That started a long friendship. Jason was clueless to my affections. I tried very hard to keep my feelings hidden. And as many of you know me, I'm not very good at keeping my feelings inside. Fortunate for me, he was clueless.
Eventually, Jason was brave and asked me to consider dating him. All of this took place at Eagle Lake. It was a place that worked diligently to keep our focus on the campers. I believe it truly was our focus, but what better place to find people who were committed to walking with Jesus. In our three years at camp, I believe at least ten couples from there were married.
We are excited to share this place with our children. If Eagle Lake hadn't existed, they would not exist. To show them our favorite hikes and our favorite quiet places. To show them the walk around the lake that forever changed my story. Maybe we will take a hike to the cross that overlooks camp. We will be spending time with dear friends from our camp days. With the man that took a bet on me as a counselor, Jesus knew I was a mess and didn't deserve the grace shown to me, but isn't that what grace is. Undeserved mercy. I look forward to sharing pictures of our weekend.
I am thankful on many levels for Eagle Lake. I'm thankful for the place that taught me to walk near to Jesus. I'm thankful that it was where I met the love of my life. I'm thankful for the children that are a product of that relationship. I'm thankful for the lasting friendships that have grown out of my time there. It will be nice to spend quiet in the mountains before Sunday. To spend time committing the church plant to Jesus. Committing future decisions of home, car, church, children, future to the One who has our days exactly numbered. I can hardly wait. Very soon we will be celebrating our anniversary, but this weekend I celebrate the place that brought us together. It hasn't always been easy, but there has always been grace.....from the very beginning!

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