Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truck drivers and blessings!

I have the great honor of being alive today. The privledge of breath and life. I get to snuggle my children and point them to Jesus.. It is my blessing to wash clothes from a trip and spend some money at the grocery store. I get to gently correct my children and read them books. My blessings never end.

I have a baby who wants to wear a swimming suit and a son that refuses to wear a shirt. Lake has the privledge of exploring our back yard. Our girls have already completed a craft and are onto dressing up and playing house.

My husband headed happily, though a little tired, off to work. Tonight a dear friend will be coming to stay the night with us. Every moment is a gift, every person we encounter a joy. Today, I want to spend it all.

You see yesterday I was driving along a fast highway at a high speed when suddenly a person in front of me decided to turn left off the highway, not the usual waiting a mile to exit to the right. Her sudden stop on the highway left the rest of us with no place go. I heard Jason make a tense sound looking in the rear mirror as the semi, heavy laden with steal beams behind us, also had no place to go. He was coming quickly to the place my four precious children were sleeping soundly in their seats.

I quickly drove forward into the median, only to watch as the trucker expertly avoided my car by inches. Jason looked at me, told me I did well and encouraged me forward to the nearest stop. The lady who caused our near miss went on without thought that her poor driving could have cost the life of an entire family.

I pulled over, almost threw up, and Jason took over driving. It was nearly fifty miles before I stopped shaking. I looked back at my children, still sleeping soundly, and immediately thanked the Lord for His protection. I know if we had been in that wreck His grace would have been sufficient. I know He is good ALL THE TIME! I get to serve Him one more day. I get to be His daughter today, tomorrow and forever.

And to you dearest truck driver. Thank you for expertly doing your job well. Thank you for your quick reaction. You will forever have my prayers for safety! Thank you.

Thank you for another day with my tall, tender daughter; my tiny, sweet daughter; my shirtless, loving son, and my screaming, snuggly baby. Thank you for the gift of another day married to my best friend. But mostly, thank you for another day to worship Your goodness even through the joy and pain of living in this world. I can't wait for the day I meet you in glory. It was not part of your plan to take us home yesterday. I pray I live well today. I want to enjoy You today.

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