Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainy Day Thoughts

Rainy days make me contemplative and sad, but this rainy day was without thunder. I told the kids to stay outside and enjoy the silly wonder of play with rain. I sat and watched each of my children.

Some played with abandon, some with reserve and uncertainty, but the wonder of a child is intoxicating. I enjoy watching the unique qualities of my children. I see how some of my children enjoy more freedom to be truly free.

It makes my heart wonder what I can do to nurture in them more freedom to be free... It is why Jesus came... For freedom, He came to set me free. To set my children free. What do I do to quench that freedom? What do you do to steal true joy? It's worth some contemplating this rainy day!

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Elfy said...

Certainly very deep questions to think upon. Our modern world is so rushed and with the rush comes the loss of freedom. I think your children have a freedom just by them being allowed to play in the rain. Awesome!!!! Your post has certainly got me thinking about freedom, mine in particular.
Blessings and peace

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