Friday, July 22, 2011

It's alright with me...

I have come to terms with the fact that I'm just not that cool. I don't fight for coolness, and I am growing comfortable in my middle-ish state of life. I am free to be a little bit goofy and behind the times. I don't know what the newest music is, the next trends in food don't impress me much. I like food best that doesn't cause me to throw up nowadays!

In high school, I was a vegetarian... Not so much for the rights of animals... Though I probably said that was the reason, truly, I thought it upped my coolness. I kept on that track for nearly seven years. I lacked any type of mammal in my diet for my cool value. Now I'm considering becoming a vegan... Not to be cool... because my gallbladder doesn't really work. How old lady is that. So, no... I'm not a bit cool in my possible quest to have a faceless diet, I'm getting old and grizzled. I remember my cool days, and I really don't miss them much.

Mammals, you are safe around me, well maybe, I'm on the fence if I can actually do this. I learned a few things this past week at assessment (the place where your life is laid bare before totally strangers, who decide the possibilities of your future), it's okay to be who I was created to be. The challenge to begin to divorce myself from the outward things that define me, and to simply live the gospel in the created being that is Kara. Not a simple challenge.

So, I don't know what's cool in music, I pick my shoes for comfort, I don't really know what a libertarian is, and I may just pick a junk book to pass my time, but today, I get to live in the great Covenant with my children. The joy of faithfulness I can seek in this day is endless. I want to live in the reality of where Jesus has me. I get to embrace the freedom of repentance and living near to Jesus.

The greatest challenge I face in my reality is not fretting about what the future holds. New exciting doors may be opening, and I don't need to be anxious! Living in the trust that a loving God holds my days, my moments, my future, and not fretting over tomorrow. I know I won't be cool in that future place, but I know I will be lovingly kept in His hand. Praise be!

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