Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Love.. A week in photos

 Our week in review... Week in pictures. Had an amazing moment with this one after a struggle. We jumped in my bed, pulled out the Bible and discussed how it applied to the struggle. One of those rare moments of grace where there is not only connection to one another, but also to the word.

I was not a bit surprised to find that my son and I share a love of fire on our camping trip. We loved building the fire, collecting wood, and watching wet wood dry out. Every moment of every day... "Can we make fire now?" Is there anything better camping than fire?

It doesn't matter how old, long or cool they are. When our children wake up, each one finds a lap to wake out of slumber... It's simply the best..

Little bit playing school with her big sisters. I think they will have her reading on her own in no time.

 Jason and I both reverted to our backpacking days when we went camping. We wore the same outfit all weekend long. So this is the handsome man I was with for two days!
Harper LOVES a silly picture. She prefers a silly picture. Often when I'm looking for a good family picture I see her silly face in the corner. It's really the best thing. I don't ever want it to change. Her quiet silly ways tickles my silly bone!

life rearranged

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Yay!! You are a real blogger now for sure- "linking up" to up, it will be WWiW!! :-) Fun stuff!

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